What are advertising animations and why is it worth using them?

Engaging 3D and 2D advertising animations are a great alternative to traditional graphic creations. Animated advertising content makes the brand stand out from the competition that uses conventional graphic content or printed materials.

The phenomenon of banner blindness forces ad creators to create more engaging and eye-catching formats. Advertising animation perfectly meets these needs, increasing the interest of Internet users and higher CTR. In the article we will tell you what advertising animations are and why it is worth using them. We invite you to read!

What are advertising animations?

Modern advertising animation is an animated film or sequence of images embedded in a three-dimensional or two-dimensional reality. Unlike traditional films, the content of animation is in no way limited by physical phenomena. It allows you to present a brand hero or product exactly as the creator imagines it.

Advertising animations in marketing – why is it worth using them?

Advertising animations in marketing open up new possibilities for creating brand image and building engagement. Why is it worth using them?

  • Noticeability – attention-grabbing animated ads contribute to an increase in CTR.
  • Message – the moving video format allows for a clearer and more readable advertising message.
  • Creativity – effects The artist’s work is limited only by his creativity. The animation possibilities are almost endless.

Creative and eye-catching advertising animations also reduce the cost of acquiring a customer, thanks to the higher effectiveness of animated ads.

A new dimension to your brand thanks to advertising animations

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