Conceptual design of a Gaming Rack


Why is it worth to use our services? – Let us present the topic in a small Case Study.

uchwyt gamingwy


On white sheets we get a brief, i.e. design assumptions from the client.

It is supposed to be a mouse cable holder for game players. Why players need such a device is a separate issue.

In short, such an unattached cable scrubbing against the edge of the desk wears out quickly, and what’s most important, its catching can cause an error which the player will pay “life” for.

can cause an error, which the player will pay with his “life” 🙂 The concept is simple at first sight.

The concept is simple at first glance, but… It’s the look that counts. Attractive for the player, matching the interior and wooden gaming style. There are no such grips on the market.

As you can see from the example, it is hard to find an elegant cable holder for a gamer.

Through a series of sketches we refine the shape. At this stage the hand with the pencil works very intensively.

Storms, discussions and ideas arise. Our client is already happy with the work, and we assure them that it will only get better.

“Could we add a strip of glowing LED? – OK. We will make such a version.

uchwyt gamingowy na kabel

After selecting, the best sketches, it is time to present the project in 3D space.

What for? You may ask. Well, modeling is based on building an image from realistic elements, which allows us to predict

errors or problems that may occur during production. In addition, we have the ability to separate these elements

and draw them separately to be able to order the product to be made.

We see a real image of our product, at the same time we already have promotional materials for a website through which we want to

to sell the product. We consider the conceptual project ready. Now it is time to choose the contractor.

This whole process, years of experience and creativity, is available after contacting us and entrusting us with

your project.

We can also do one part of this process.

Sound good to you?

We look forward to hearing from you at kontakt.incisive@gmail.com