Innovative POS materials – 5 inspirations

Inspiration in the work of a designer does not always come right away. Sometimes it is worth getting inspired by proven examples of innovative POS materials. Today we present 5 inspirations for your company, thanks to which you will gain a refreshed look at your brand!

Practical and ecological solutions

More and more companies are betting on ecology. Such solutions may be associated with boredom, but they don’t have to be. You can use not only cardboard, but also plywood, and not necessarily in a standard color. For larger orders, manufacturers offer plywood dyed in the mass in any color. Below are two forms of POS made and designed by us from ecological materials.

posy ekologiczne
Wooden POS are a response to customer needs

Movable elements

POS may contain moving elements, they draw the attention of customers. The mechanisms may be different. For children, the most often chosen are those in which they have to set the individual elements in motion.

POS made of high quality materials

High-quality POS designed for a longer exposure period. Elegant and durable, usually made of wood and metal. Such solutions are chosen by premium brands offering high-end products.

posy wysokiej jakości premium
image sources:
1: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/786933734909846945/
2: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/595671488232504949/
3: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/373728469088755038/
4: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/722475965238604541/


Sounds not very innovative right?
The entire surface of the floor, windows, walls or shop counter can be an advertisement. It can be in the form of stickers or 3D installations. Here are some great ads!

naklejki POS
image sources:
Apple: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/786933734909846945/
Mentos: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/37928821855250796/
KitKat: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/108930884724670355/
Motrin: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/722475965238604541/

Illuminated POS

LED lighting can be used in many ways. To emphasize the product, the inscription or draw the attention of children with blinking eyes of a favorite character. Most often, however, the backlight is directed at the product, because it is the most important. Lighting works well with liquids, which is why alcohol companies often rely on them.

Posy podświetlane
image sources:
1: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/34269647157756130/
2: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/569564684138571121/
3: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/439523244895906719/
4: https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/287245282476549390/

Get noticed with innovative POS materials!

Designing advertising materials that combine usability with eye-catching design is our passion. If you are looking for a company that will create displays or unconventional shelves for products, please contact us! Present your expectations and Key Visual of the brand and get noticed with innovative POS materials!