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We buy with our eyes! – A principle known for centuries, but do you want your product to actually get into the hands of shoppers, or just be highlighted in the store. There is a difference.

The first step to create the perfect display is to create an ideal brief, that is, to answer questions such as: what is the target group, where the product is to be highlighted, what kind of product it is, who is the final customer, how many pieces will be produced and in what budget, etc. Specifying these issues is very important to adjust the exposure of goods in the store, so that our ideal customer did not pass by indifferently, and what is most important, put our product in the basket.

szkic tymbark

Our creation stands out from the crowd and standard formulas.

We have made over 300 projects and visualizations of displays on special request of individual clients.

This experience combined with the desire for continuous improvement gives us unlimited creative possibilities.

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