A complex design of WOODiX stands

The most important conceptual elements of the stand that we paid attention to when designing

When designing the laptop stand, we paid attention to its shape, size and material from which it is made. A well-designed stand should be stable and protect the laptop from slipping. In addition, it is worth making sure that the stand is light and easy to carry, which will allow it to be used in various places.

A laptop stand is a useful accessory that can have many useful functions. The main purpose of our stand is to cool the laptop, which avoids overheating of the device and ensures its longer life. Another important function of the stand is better positioning of the wrists when working with a laptop. The high angle of inclination of the stand allows you to maintain the correct position of the hand, which prevents pain and muscle fatigue. In addition, the stand can relieve the shoulders, making working on the laptop more comfortable.

Designing a logo tailored to the product

Logo design is an important part of your marketing strategy. The logo should not only be aesthetic, but also adequate to the nature of the product or service. In order for logo design to be effective, you need to take care of several important elements.

Firstly, the logo should be legible and understandable for the recipients. So it is worth avoiding overly complicated shapes and symbols that may be difficult to remember. Secondly, the logo should be consistent with the nature of the product or service. Thirdly, the logo should be flexible and adapted to various media, such as a website, leaflets or advertising gadgets. Thanks to this, it will be visible in various places and effectively convey information about the brand.