Animation 360 – Furniture visualization – office pedestal

Animation 360 of the furniture is a way to attract the buyer’s attention and stand out from many competitors. It is possible to divide the animation into individual images and place them on the sales page, so that the customer has a chance to see the furniture from each side by clicking on subsequent frames. How it can look like, you can check for example here.

Visualization of furniture, you can also include as part of the instructional video talking about products or as an instruction in itself, such as assembly.

For the project we make:

  • modeling of the container in 3D space according to the given dimensions,
  • lighting in a virtual studio,
  • animation of the object,
  • execution of patterns according to the given designs,
  • rendering in several variants.
  • Film editing and export to formats suitable for use on the website.

In addition, we often perform dimensioning and perspective projections, which will be placed in the catalog.

Our other 360 animation can be found here.