Visualizations of the Wirex Elite House

In our studio, we specialize in creating architectural visualizations. We strive to ensure that each project stands out with a unique style, which we emphasize by carefully selecting the surroundings. This way, the visualizations not only capture the attention of viewers but also serve as a distinctive feature for the specific model. For this project, we created a total of 32 house visualizations – 8 for each of the four designs. Below, we present a series of visualizations for the Wirex Elite house.


Wirex Elite House
Wirex Elite is a house whose visualization we finished in shades of gray. The early autumn setting perfectly complements the cool tones of the building, with the warm colors of the leaves adding contrast and naturalness to the scene. Wirex Elite is an example of modern architecture that seamlessly fits into the landscape of changing nature.

Why do the visualizations of individual houses differ from each other?

When creating dozens of visualizations for similar models, there is a temptation to do everything in the same, uniform setting. This approach would save a lot of time. However, it would prevent each house from having a unique character, making all the visualizations look similar. Additionally, using a universal season and time of day would diminish the distinct visual aspects of these exceptional designs, crafted by experienced architects.


Each of our visualizations is unique and carefully thought out to best highlight the character and style of the presented house. Through meticulous selection of the surroundings, our visualizations not only showcase the architecture of the houses but also demonstrate how they can harmoniously blend with nature.

See how we highlighted the character of other houses: